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   This is a tale of my half a century love affair with our family’s lakeside cabin on Great Pond in North Belgrade, Maine – camp is what these places are called by Mainers. Set on the same lake that was the backdrop for Ernest Thompson’s “On Golden Pond," it chronicles my life’s journey as viewed through 50 years of seasonal snapshots from an unchanging place, the constancy of which stands in sharp contrast to the lives of the people that it hosted.  It's a tale of lives lived, full of sadness and joy, tragedy and humor, and hope and renewal through the promise of future generations. Much happened in that half a century and much of it happened at camp. Camp was the place where there was time to reflect on those changes and absorb them. It's where the ghosts of the departed can still be found, and I mean that in the best possible sense. It's where I feel safe, connected, alive, and happy. It's where I keep my soul.


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