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A Table of Contents


Chapter 1  How do you spell magic?

Chapter 2  Awakened by the sensation I was flying

Chapter 3  Camp

Chapter 4  Have a nip

Chapter 5  That boat’s stopping at every dock

Chapter 6  One long and two shorts

Chapter 7  The fog is thick as pea soup

Chapter 8  Turns out we were from away

Chapter 9  A general store-gas station-post office

Chapter 10  A REALLY bad day

Chapter 11  Dad versus the cesspool

Chapter 12  Dirty Al

Chapter 13  Barney

Chapter 14  Pearl

Chapter 15  Scrabble

Chapter 16  The biggest fish you ever saw

Chapter 17  Sterilize the water, so he can pee in it

Chapter 18  The summer of EVERYONE

Chapter 19  Jerry

Chapter 20  I skipped like a stone

Chapter 21  It’s ALIVE

Chapter 22  The no sex cabins

Chapter 23  Where’s the water?

Chapter 24  Where’s the Clarion?

Chapter 25  The worst day EVER

Chapter 26  Mark Trail

Chapter 27  Find another spot

Chapter 28  The Great Pond Monster

Chapter 29  John to the rescue

Chapter 30  Ruth

Chapter 31  The end of total unconditional love

Chapter 32  She doesn’t walk yet, but she swims

Chapter 33  Blame it on B & J’s

Chapter 34  This boat needs an exorcist

Chapter 35  Happy Valentine’s Day!

Chapter 36  He was in the first wave on Omaha Beach

Chapter 37  Big Bunny

Chapter 38  I thought he might be an Immortal

Chapter 39  The passing of another unique man

Chapter 40  An after dinner stroll… on the lake

Chapter 41  The Great Pond Banshee

Chapter 42  A homecoming for Marti and Ginny

Chapter 43  Valerie returns

Chapter 44  Some not so good Maine magic

Chapter 45  The best time EVER

Chapter 46  My buddy just leapt into oblivion

Chapter 47  Rocket Maaaannnnn

Chapter 48  Lenny

Chapter 49  I find myself back at Woodrest

Chapter 50  What a shock

Chapter 51  I become a localvore

Chapter 52  Leis to mark the spot and the occasion

Chapter 53  Lowenbrau materializes

Chapter 54  The Great Bog almost got her

Chapter 55  THUD!!!

Chapter 56  A wounded soul healed

Chapter 57  Camp as a metaphor for life

Epilogue – Place matters

Appendix A – The rest of my family

Appendix B – The camp dogs

Appendix C – Some of my favorite local things

Appendix D – John Tolman Clark’s VJ Day

Appendix E – Commissioner George J. Stobie Sr.

Appendix F – Map of Great Pond


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