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Truly a Family Treasure

(This) memoir is truly a family treasure. It's like climbing the stairs to the attic and finding an old trunk filled with warm memories. The book is a beautifully crafted album of the writer's love affair with the solitude and beauty of a Maine lake. The biographical sketch brought to life momentary snapshots of a loving and kind family so many years long past and now so dearly missed. My Life on Golden Pond is a monument to the joy of family.   Alan J. Cushner

A Gentle Read

This book is essentially the narrative of a young man coming of age, centered on experiences at his family's camp in Maine. It's a very gentle read that holds your hand as you walk along through the story with the author. There are some heartbreaks and some laughs, and for someone like me, a longing to have experienced the rural vacations that Bob's family enjoyed. Bob does not mince words about his and his family's shortcomings, but he's compassionate and understanding in his observations. "My Life on Golden Pond" will provide you with many enjoyable moments.    Transitman

A refreshing, intimate life story

I found this story to be truly sentimental and extremely honest in areas where most family members might be taken aback. The author’s attachment to this pond is so heartwarming and takes on fathomless dimensions as he looks back on his many years there – some happy and some very sad. It is truly a place we all want to visit particularly with Mr. Wasserman as our guide. – Stella Dallas

A family saga everyone can relate to

A warm wonderful story that's both very personal but one where anyone can say that's just like… Will bring all kinds of memories to the surface – happy and sad – but that's what makes a family!!!  – Barbara Ryan

Big City Girl Tempted by Life On Golden Pond

I have always lived in big cities – New York & Boston. Until I read this book, I could never imagine living in so isolated an area as Belgrade, Maine. Now, I am envious of the author’s experience in his family's cottage. He has described all the joys, wonders and problems of his summers as a child and adult. He, through his intimate, excellent descriptive writing – never leaving out the feelings, both positive and negative – has made me feel as if I were part of his family. "My Life On Golden Pond" is a KEEPER!  – E. Roll

My Life on Golden Pond

I just loved it. I found the book well written, containing memories and emotions without being maudlin, and frequently very funny. I think it would be fun for anyone who has  memories of summer family vacations. And for anyone who has lost a family member as we have, it was especially moving and touched cords in my heart, long quiet. In addition to activating memories and feelings, it was just fun to read. You will smile and chuckle your way through it. This is definitely a book belonging in the shops in the area as well as on every coffee table in every lakeside camp.  – Linda Kopans

Review of Robert Wasserman’s book

Well written. It was interesting to follow his life "on Golden Pond" and read about a gentler part of the world. – Robert Rosenthal

An enjoyable read

(I) thoroughly enjoyed reading this book. Anyone who has spent any time on or near water will appreciate reading about the author and his family's adventures on the Lake. Family is so special and this is apparent with all his memories. Please give it a try – you won't be disappointed.            – S. Lounsberry

A Walk Through Life That Nourishes the Soul

This tale is a great read. Conversational and entertaining, funny and perceptive, cheerful and tragic; life in all its incarnations. The setting is bucolic and conducive to the author's themes of love of family and philosophical introspection. The author's approach of seeing humor in most situations makes the occasional tragic event somewhat jarring, but the author switches gears seamlessly and relates these events frankly and truthfully. I recommend "My Life on Golden Pond" to anyone who wants a great read, enjoys a sense of humor and enjoys pondering the mysteries of life.  – Sherry

Great Book

I loved (this) book. Thank you for sharing your Golden Pond life.  – Betty Blotter